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She sits meekly on the couch un-aware of his feelings towards her. He invited her home from a party, he was quite and manly. He looked at her over his beer glass and imagined they knew eachother forever. She sits there wondering what's going on, if she's stupid for accepting the invitation.

He tells her to move closer. Puts his arm around her and says "Just pretend like we've known eachother forever."

She chews her inner lip confused.

Then he whispers, "it seems like I was away from you for days." "I've missed you more than you could imagine."

She looks up into his eyes. He's smitten, he's opening up. He's being emotional. This isn't real, He's pretending.

He caresses her chin and grazes her lips with his. She can feel his beard tickling her chest. His roughed hands sliding over her smooth skin. She closes her eyes, her lips part, as if needing to breath his air carefully. It's intoxicating. Perfect strangers engaged in a lie.

He slides his hand behind her back, the other under her knees. Picking her up he says, "I want you now, I don't want to stop until you are satisfied."

She snaps into the moment, he's a damn good actor. This could be fun. This could be bad, she decides. It's what she came here for, she went out tonight to fill a void. This rouse was perfect.

She caresses his neck and plays along, "I can't believe I was away from you for so long. You make me complete."

He lays her down on the bed, turns the lights down and rubs her shoulders, caresses her body, as if making a road map in his head. She strokes his arm and gazes into dim room.

He grabs her hips and pulls her onto his chest, placing himself completely under her.

She straddles him and slowly removes her top, revealing a lace bralette. She removes his shirt and grazes her nipples up his bare torso as he leans up to let the t-shirt slide off his arms.

He cups her ass in both palms pulls her onto him. One hand on the back of her head the other cupping her ass. He could feel her warmth. He really appreciated her playing along. Perhaps they both needed to feel raw and transparent. Strangers can't judge. He would never see her again. It was his last week in the country. He felt alive, fully able and capable of satisfaction.

She feels him pressing into her through her leggings, no resistance to offer, she pulses heat and feels herself moisten.

Finally their hungry lips find eachother, kissing and pressing into eachother. He flips her onto her back and loops his thumbs into her pants as if to remove them. Instead he pulls them flat across her pussy and begins to gently mouth her. The leggings provide a thin enough cover to keep her entranced, she feels the warmth, but not the skill. He removes the leggings, pulls aside her panties and explores her wet pussy. Admiring every fold, crevice and wet piece of skin. He tastes her, she shivers. Her thighs are open and she's already arching her back. Nipples erect and fighting to escape the lace. He slides one hand under her ass and up her back. Then settles in. Slowly kissing and teasing her. Then fully giving into pleasing her. "Tell me what you want baby." He says softly and into her thighs. He nibbles here and there. Strokes himself, and adjusts for her reply.
"She says I want you to take me, make me cum and then take me." He whispers "with pleasure." Slips his fingers into her mouth, she sucks on them, clearly intent on showing him his reward if he chooses to please her. Fingers wet with her saliva he slips on into her, she is tight, he can feel her sucking his finger in with her muscles. Wet and warm he pulses his finger inside of her while he explores her, searching for the perfect spot.

She arches her back and rolls her hips in his direction, pulsing with his rhythm. He found it. He feels her hand grip the back of his head gently, yet enough to tell him not to stop, he slides another finger in. She gasps. Gripping the pillow and contracting her abdomen. She is on her elbows, she bites her lip, he is sure he has got her right where she wants to be. She constricts her thighs around his head, she goes silent, she trembles, and moans low and throaty like she expiring. She slowly lays back arching in approval. He rides her orgasmic waves, and just before she climaxes completely....

He slides onto his knees, having already removed his pants while caressing her body, he grabs her by the hips, and pulls her onto his hard cock. She shudders, gasps and grabs his buttocks, pulling him deeper, she pulses on his dick and feels a new type of orgasm brewing. He spits on her clit and rubs it with his thumb. One leg over his shoulder and the other over his thigh. He leans in to nuzzle her breasts. Released from their Lacey cage they rise up to great his lips. He follows the curve to her chest, then her neck. With each thrust he nibbles her neck biting hard, then softly, then grabs her hair and pulls her head back slowly and bites her, she tightens around him and he knows, she's close. He slides his hands under her back and butt and flips over. She's still on him and he's still in her. She begins to rock back and forth on him back arched, hands tracing her breasts, face a glow in the lamp light. She smiles, she smiles an evil, devilish grin, and rides him like he's there only for her pleasure. Bringing herself to climax, feeling warm juices vacate her pussy lubricating his torso, his firm tattooed chest glistening with her mixed with sweat. He groans, feeling validated and like a king. She reverses her position, giving him the view of a life time. Her perfect ass spread to reveal his cock deep in her pussy, in and out, in and out.
He cannot stand it and more, he pulls her back and sits up thrusting and cupping her breasts, she fondles his balls, he tightens. He releases, he falls back onto the bed, she slips off him, looks him dead in the eye, and sucks the cum and juices off his dick and balls, her cherry red lips accentuating her open mouth.
She stretches out beside him satisfied and drained. She slowly falls awake.

It's Thursday. It's been a month since she got laid, 6 since she orgasmed from an encounter. She props up on her shoulder, sleepily digs into her nightstand and pulls out a small vibrator. She pressed snooze and turns on the vibe, closing her eyes and imagining the dream. She moans quietly and turns off her alarm. She sits up, grabs her towel and heads to the shower. Can't smell of desperation at the office.

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Still holding out for a hero
At what point did everything go wrong with the world? I admit that it is getting pretty mad! Despite that, it is just making me want to enjoy life and find a reason to be happy every single day for the rest of my life. Who wants to do that with me? Just no strings please! message me bot toms quare1 \ g, ma:l / so i know your real.